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game pic for Weight Helper Name - Weight Helper
Category - healthfitness
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 1.5 Cupcake
Size - 220 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 19 ratings
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Ver 9.8.6, for Android OS 1.5 and up

The handy app to help you lose weight this new year.
Make your 2012 new year's resolution a reality with the app thousands of users rely on to lose weight and keep it off.
The handy weight loss app including an exercise timer that counts calories burned for over 40 exercises, weight tracking, daily calorie intake and even BMI calculation, all in one.
Designed to be easy and effective for the ultimate goal of losing weight and follow a diet, without complex graphs or terminology. Lose weight the easy way.
Timer estimates how many calories you burn each second using Metabolic Equivalent (MET) and keeps history of total calories burned. The timer can run in the background, allowing you to play your favorite mp3 music while counting calories.
Only for healthy adults 18 years or older.
This app suggests how many calories to consume every day in order to maintain or lose weight using Basal Metabolic Index (BMR).
No web account needed, does not ask to put your personal information online. This is a full featured app and data will stay privately on your phone.
Special logic will make calorie recommendations without going too low based on the user's profile, achieving the optimal calorie intake to get the best results.
WARNING: This app does not provide medical advice and should not replace or contradict a doctor's opinion. It is intended as a supplementary tool for healthy adults only. Always consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise plan.
Now supported in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), German, Portuguese and Korean. It selects language based on phone settings.
Exercises supported: Aerobics (general, step, high/low impact, water), Backpacking, Bicycling (normal and stationary), Bowling, Canoeing, Dancing, Football, Soccer, Golf, Hiking, Ice Skating, Jogging, Racquetball, Rollerblading, Rope Jumping, Rowing (stationary), Running, Skiing (cross-country, downhill, water), Softball, Baseball, Stair Treadmill, Swimming, Tae-kwon-do, Tai chi, Tennis, Volleyball, Walking, Weightlifting, Yoga / Stretching.