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Tubri is a new kind of social network based on real-life relations which lets you socialize with different type of people differently. Why Tubri: It lets you create labels like: My Family, My Friends & My co-workers etc. and assign them to your people. These labels are private and nobody knows which labels you assigned them to. Labels let you share different photos/discuss different things with different type of people. A photo shared with "My Friends" will not be visible to people in "My Family" and others. A rapidly growing social network, Tubri lets you enjoy better control on your social life.

This is a free mobile application which you can download to socialize with your people on the go. This app lets you do these:

● Check out whats being posted in all your labels
● Find new people and add them to your people list
● Chat with your friends and people
● Post social updates in different labels
● Take photos from your phone camera, upload it to your Tubri albums and share easily with others
● View your Tubri photo albums, photos and share them with others
● View latest activities