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Category - entertainment
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
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Ver v.One, for Java J2ME 240x320

SecretLab presentsShout
Unlimited Texts for FREE to Anywhere in the World!
Send and receive SMS anywhere for FREE
Unlimited texts to and from anywhere in the world. Stop paying your mobile operator for SMS!

Easy to use, Great features
TSimple interface - allows you to create contacts and send texts in a flash.
TBlock and unblock contacts
TKeep your contacts forever. Even if you re-install Shout, your contacts will be automatically downloaded.
TMark messages as important just by *** the * key
TFilter conversations by contact just by *** the # key or proper menu command

Lightening speed, Guaranteed delivery messaging
Texts arrive like lightening. And you know when they get delivered because the app shows you the status of each message you've sent.




Shout is open, No cumbersome invitation process
Send or receive text with anyone who has a mobile phone.

Always on, Alerts
Shout runs in the background and notifies you when messages arrive.

Built-in Wikipedia search
Send your Wikipedia query to the Shout assistant, and you'll get results sent back to you instantly.

Efficient and cheap to run
Consumes very little data. Our testing showed that using Shout 24/7 for one month consumed less than 500 KB of data!

SMS Buzz
Buzz someone with an SMS if they didn't read your message.

Give your friends a shout
with Shout!