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game pic for QT Office Name - QT Office
Category - business
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 1.5 Cupcake
Size - 32 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 17 ratings
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Ver 1.0, for Android OS 1.5 and up

"Making Consultants, Directors and Nationals business beautiful)
The QT Office App is designed to help you run your MK business on the go. You can create invoices, add and track customers, add expenses and a whole lot more right from your phone. This is not just a calculator, this is the complete business tool you have been looking for. QT was started in 2008 and has been growing strong; we have consultants, directors and Nationals in all 50 states. Please go to to see our full testimonials.
This app also ties in with your online account so when you update from your phone, everything on your online account will be updated as well.
*Note: After you download this app to your phone, we suggest that you go to Intouch from any computer with internet access to import your customers and inventory. These are the only two things you cannot do from the phone app (it's just cut and paste). After that, you will be mobile (you can still download the app and check out the features first if you like though). =)
Here is a quick bullet point list of a FEW of the things QT can do:
- track your customers purchase history
- Send you follow up reminders to contact your customers
- remember your customers birthdays
- track your inventory levels
- tell you what products you need to re-order
- track your expenses for you
-track your profit/sales
- Let you create tax write off invoices
- QT lets you take partial payments
- QT lets you track your team members
- You can create gift certificates and coupons for your customer
There is a lot more than that, come see for yourself =)

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