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game pic for Mobile-Musicplayer Name - Mobile-Musicplayer
Category - entertainment
Resolution - multi
Type - Symbian s60v3
Size - 285 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 33 ratings
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Ver v1.07, for Symbian os S60V3

This project is the result of a desire to use the fantastic service of with the equally fantastic Nokia N95 8GB.
Now you can host your large music collection online and access it any and everywhere I go, with this S60 music player specifically designed for the N95 8GB!
Key Features: - This version installs as a regular application in your phones application menu.
- Works with all mp3tunes locker types and sizes.
- Automatically stores your account settings so you don't have to type your account data or preferences each time.
- Now you can have instant access to your music locker from anywhere your mobile works.
- Download tracks from your locker to your mobile!
- Includes help screens for your ease of use!
- Easily search your locker for specific tracks by artist, album or track title!
- Create and manage playlists of your music in your locker from your mobile!
- Have a choice of bitrates for optimal performance!
- Supports Smart PlayMix Playlists! Not only can you browse your music by genre/style, you can also build a custom PlayMix playlist based upon a specific song and save that playlist! This is really cool!
- Includes support! - automatically submits your listening data to if you have an account there.
- It's free - my gift from me to you.
+ more, check it out! you have nothing to lose.
This version would not have been possible without the support and products of both KuneriLite and the guys at mp3tunes.
Alternatively you can just also download the Flash Lite 3 swf file attached.
Please note that this first version has only been tested on a Nokia N95-2 8GB mobile phone as this is the first mobile device I am aware of that is Flash Lite 3 capable with a useable size of RAM available to the flash lite player.
Please note that other Nokia N95 mobiles are not Flash Lite 3 capable at the moment and likely will not have enough RAM available to the Flash Lite player - so please be sure you are using a N95-2 8GB with the latest firmware from Nokia (v15) before trying.
If you don't yet have an mp3tunes locker you can install the application and try it out with the demo account:
login : [email protected]
password : demo
1) Memory
Whilst the N95 8GB (N95-2) has a good amount of RAM available to the flashlite 3 player with the latest firmware (16mb) - it is still important for optimal usage to consider memory when choosing the best setting for mp3 bitrate as this translates directly to file-size.
The latest version of this player now defaults to 56k as the bitrate if an alternative is not chosen in the preferences screen. Previously the default was "default" - which meant "use the default setting as specified in your account preferences".
Personally I think it's best to have the mobile phone version of the player set to 56k to minimize the memory usage whilst allowing you to have a higher sound quality setting defined on for when using a player on a pc or similar.
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